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The value I receive from Harris Fraser cannot be matched by any private bank – Harris Fraser is financially aligned to my financial goals.
Previously 20 years with 3 private banks
In the first 2 months of service Harris Fraser reduced my capital risk by more than 50%, did away with unnecessary commission products, increased my cash position to 30% and has produced over 5% USD return year to date (using only 70% of my capital). The process was easy to understand and implement, and my monthly review meetings are well structured and transparent.
European Client
Previously 30 years with 2 firms
Mr Marc Geary at Harris Fraser Family Office Services has been engaged by our firm on cases involving prominent private banks. I am pleased to say that the matter above was handled exceptionally well, in a timely and efficient manner, and provided our firm with the confidence to speak to the finer financial aspects of our client’s case.
He is a passionate client advocate and instructional in his dealings with a family wealth. We have found him to act with professionalism and integrity in his communication and approach to what are extremely delicate financial and family matters. The value of the client’s assets which he has assisted us with range from 2M USD to over 250M USD and we are pleased to say that his attention to detail and quality of service was equally high regardless of the client’s net worth
Hong Kong Law Firm
Client Adviser has been engaged by our family for 5 years, since February 2009. We chose him after consideration of other financial planners for his transparent and genuine approach to providing financial advice to us. At that time, we noted his international experience and advice approach to investing, rather than product selling.
We have found Client Adviser to be innovative in his approach to financial advice in finding optimum solutions for his clients, rather than a scaled solution for his practice like most large bank financial planning groups.
Technology Executive
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