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Become an Authorised Representative of Harris Fraser

At Harris Fraser Australia, our aim is to assist and educate Authorised Representatives, Private Bankers, Advisers, Accountants and Financial Planners to discover and accelerate the advisory potential of their client base under our tailored business model. Our practices specialties range from Comprehensive Financial Advisory, to Ultra-High-Net-Worth portfolio management, to Family Office Services such as legal structuring, year-end accounting and cash flow management.

To join a Partnership with Professionalism, Integrity and Knowledge, call Julio H. Rios or Marc Geary direct for a confidential discussion on (02) 8211 0450.

Thinking of joining an AFSL?

It’s not an easy feat to head out on your own as a financial advisor, professional, or business entrepreneur. Most small business fail within the first 3 to 5 years of start-up. With this in mind, Harris Fraser aims to provide you, the pioneering advisor with access to deep expertise in our field and up-to-date resources that will help you on your way to a successful independently owned practice. We will equip you with facts and resources that will help you make the right decision regarding important questions facing you and your practice. In brief, we will help you succeed.

The following articles and white papers will give you insight into how to become a leading financial service professional.  Our thanks to the Beddoes Institute and others.

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Our thanks to the Beddoes Institute and Sponsor Associates.

Financial Advice Process – How well you understand and document the financial advice process allows you to make your ‘client experience’ a repeatable process with a predictable outcome, that is, ‘Getting Hired’ to get results for your client.


A snapshot of our advice process, tailor our advice process to suit you and your practice.

Advisory Members - What's Involved-

A Group of 25 years experience across Asia-Pacific

Harris Fraser is the only AFSL provider with offices across the Asia-Pacific and with more than two decades of the same management team focusing on delivering affordable proper authorities, a tailored business model and a strong platform to help financial advisory professionals increase the value delivered to their client base and thus accelerate their practices growth.

Only pay for what you need

Professionals should pay for the services that they need to service their specific client base andthus a Financial Services Licensee with a wide range of services, both tailored and off-the-shelf, is what we deliver.  We do not charge fees for any services that will not benefit you and your business and we provide several value-add services free of charge. Your success is aligned with our success, you are not just one of the thousands and lost in the wash.  We take pride and measure ourselves on our service delivery to you.

Extensive Approved Product List

Though we have an extensive open Approved Product List (APL) underpinned by major asset consultants and investment banks as well as all the major platforms and insurance firms, professionals do not have to advertise or even market specific managed funds or insurance products. No conditions or revenue targets exist surrounding joining our Dealer Group as an Authorised Representative.  Our  APL is further augmented with a three-person Investment Committee and a four-person Board of Directors with substantial investment experience.

Compliance & Induction Training

Harris Fraser provides Authorised Representatives with (optional) Induction Training including updates on portfolio management, fixed income courses, compliance, derivatives,  and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) case reviews but does not involve itself with your day to day business or with the conduct of the Authorised Representative in any way. The only requirement is to fully comply with the Corporations Act and any appropriate laws and regulations that apply, including understanding the changing compliance landscape. We provide regular webinars and cases studies by former FOS case officers, as well as regular file audits.

Not tied to institutions

Harris Fraser is not tied to nor has any ownership involved with banks, fund managers or insurance companies. The Group across Asia-Pacific is owned by the one and same family since 1990. This allows us to offer a transparent platform and our authorised representatives whether they be private bankers, financial planners or advisers, accountants, risk advisers or fund managers, have no limitations in providing the best advice and recommendations.   With our array of professionals qualified in Law, Business, Commerce, Financial Planning and Derivatives, Harris Fraser Australia provides the kind of guidance and compliance culture that is expected from a trusted and proven AFSL Dealer Group, modelled on its 25 year parent, Harris Fraser (International) in Hong Kong.


Frequent training  webinars run by former Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) case managers and continuous improvement via collegial mentoring internally means Harris Fraser has built an innovative platform ranging from basic to comprehensive risk and investment advice all the way through to family office and private banking portfolio management, that puts Harris Fraser Australia and its member practices and advisers in an enviable position.

 The ever increasing importance of AFSL compliance undertaken by Harris Fraser is magnified today due to constant changes in regulatory compliance requirements being monitored by ASIC. There is an increased need for thorough training and assistance of authorised representatives in this business setting. Harris Fraser promotes and executes a rigorous compliance framework aimed at assisting advisers, their practices and their clients.

The Compliance program in place was designed by our compliance manager (and senior financial planner) who formerly consulted to big four banks on client remediation and payouts and thus assists Authorised Representatives in a distinctive mix of professional business reality along with best practice leading compliance processes. This is further underpinned by a three-person Compliance Committee, a four-person Board of Directors and a substantial parent company.

Authorised Representatives Applications

Harris Fraser Australia will speed up the process and help you become authorised and mentored by our partnership team as a professional and compliant AFSL holders. We guarantee that all applications will be resolved and determined within 5 business days once all due-diligence items are received.

Our Commitment

We at Harris Frasier Australia take pride in providing our services with professionalism, integrity and knowledge. Our aim is to provide you with straightforward guidance that achieves results. With years of experience we ensure that your business is well taken care of.

Standard Requirements

You must be currently residing in Australia – Must be of good character and
must have a National Police Check with the AFP, and a Bankruptcy check – Demonstrate their abilities  per PS146 and their qualifications – Must be  a corporate authorised representative or a private person.

Associated Matters and Costs

All AFSL holders will set monthly costs for the Authorisation Fee, Professional Indemnity Insurance Costs, Technology, CPD and Compliance Costs. All these charges vary based on your business  and range between AUD$1,250 per month and AUD$2,090 depending on whether you require financial planning software, a desk in our office, more regular file reviews and the level of business you manage.

In order to start with Harris Fraser as an authorised representative and financial adviser or financial planner, please complete the contact form on the contact page, noting your requests and information and our management team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Authorised Representative AFSL Facts and Benefits

Harris Fraser Australia Authorised Representative Program

1. Lowest Cost in the Industry inclusive of technology platform, internet marketing service and grade A office space and meeting rooms.

Fact: Complimentary services and more efficient pricing than the average dealer group. Average net revenue to adviser is between 95% to 75% of your fees and commissions.

Benefit: Save thousands of dollars every year and use the money for search engine marketing or advertisements to generate more business. Advisers work hard in a regulatory and competitive environment – keep more net revenue in your pocket instead of sending more to your AFSL.

2. Harris Fraser Australia helps Authorised Representatives with their Professional Indemnity Fees

Fact: Why spend a dollar more of your income for professional indemnity insurance than is necessary? Harris Fraser Australia caters to Authorised Representatives needs at a reasonable price, so that our Adviser’s PI expenses will be complimentary (subject to PI audit and acceptance).

Benefit: The minimum cost for PI Insurance is now AUD$15,000 per AFSL. You can save between $1,200 to $20,000 or more a year with our economies of scale and bundled PI.

3. Harris Fraser Australia Provides the Support You Deserve and Expect

Fact: Even the most experienced Planner, Adviser, Accountant or Banker needs help once in a while, especially in our ever-changing regulatory environment. As an Authorised Representative of Harris Fraser when you need assistance, we are available for you.   For example, though Xplan is probably the most well-known planning software in Australia, you might not have used it. This is not a problem, as Harris Fraser Australia can help you over the phone or via video modules to deliver training.   We also have a  packaged learning development system on Kaplan with content and module reminders and 12 month CPD plans.

Benefit: Harris Fraser Australia will assist your business to grow in any way we can. The Board of Harris Fraser Australia manage the Dealer Group as financial planners and accountants –  meaning our practice is designed by Advisers for Advisers.

4. Harris Fraser Group has its own Information Technology team operating  for its 90 headcount across the Group

Fact: We have internal IT staff to help our Advisers maintain their business. Our IT personnel really care about your business since you are our partners. Support is by email and phone.

Benefit: Superior, professional IT support.

5. Authorised Representative Agreements Created by ARs for ARs

Fact: Our ARs say that the Harris Fraser Authorised Representative Agreement is the first absolutely fair AR arrangement that they can find.  The contribution and design of the Harris Fraser Australia AR Agreement originated from the founding Partners/Planners coming together under the Harris Fraser Group. The agreement was drafted with third-party lawyers, negotiated and debated by all parties and tailored to AR needs.Some benefits include:

  • 30 day notice periods if an AR would like to resign at Harris Fraser Australia.
  • ARs absolutely own their portfolios which enable you to market your business without needing to present it to Harris Fraser Australia at an equivalent price. However, Harris Fraser Australia has developed a business buyout program and would like to be considered in the auction of a book of business.
  • Use of meeting rooms in grade A office building at small user-pays cost.
  • Planning Technology option: ‘to xplan, or not to xplan’, that is the question.
  • CPD Learning Management System included.
  • Investment and Compliance Committee: Access to Committees or management team at any time.
  • Marketing Option: For Corporate Reps, use our internet marketing capacity to drive business to your site and business, turn-key solution, at cost.

Benefits:For Advisers searching for an AR agreement with efficient pricing, no performance criteria, & tailored to individual ARs, Harris Fraser Australia’s agreement is mutually beneficial with lots of complimentary add-ons.

Thinking of joining an AFSL?