Investment Consultancy

Our experienced consulting team focuses on providing deep investment insights, which translate into profitable portfolio allocations, and individual investment trades. In this way, we assist our clients to discover specific market dislocations and emerging themes, which are yet to be exploited by the broader market and profit from them before other investors ‘crowd’ the same idea.

Profitable investment decisions are achieved by identifying profitable investment ideas and timing and implementation of that idea with the right financial securities or instruments.

Observation and analysis of investor overcrowding and excessive pessimism form the basis of our research and in differentiating ourselves from traditional mainstream research institutions and banks.

Many investment ideas that are disseminated by large mainstream institutions are likely to have already been exploited by a sizable investor base.

By following the herd there is a significant risk that investors will be disappointed or profit far less than embracing ideas before they reach ‘popularity’.

With the foresight to respond to new developments before they reach our clients we employ both traditional and non-traditional analysis to achieve both objectivity and the insight to challenge convention.

Whether you seek advice on how to protect a specific asset class or investment, or you wish to profit from a major market event, our Family Office Services team will assist you to solve your most complex investment problems in practical, cost-effective ways that impact your returns.