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Financial Service Guide

Harris Fraser Australia Pty Ltd is authorised by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (AFSL 409535) to provide financial services.

White Paper: An Examination of the Family Office Model in Major Financial Jurisdictions

This paper discusses family offices from several legal viewpoints and explores laws relating to charity being a normal addendum to the operations of family offices (Offices). It was the intention of this paper to focus on Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, however, where more extensive (and pervasive or updated) literature was found (e.g. taxation and charity law), this was highlighted using major jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Of course Privacy law could not be examined, in the context of private wealth management, without touching on Switzerland.

Teaching on Making Wise Financial Decisions

Julio H. Rios founding partner speaks at community event on “Making Wise Financial Decision”.
Teaches on What is involved in the Financial Planning Process? What are the 2 main themes of Financial Advice?
The importance of NOT making mistakes?

Interviewing over 1,200 rich people has taught me exactly how money affects the most important things in our lives

Money has a bad reputation with people who don’t have it. It has been blamed for everything from wars to infidelity, from destroying friendships to wrecking families. In the minds of the masses, the more ways they can demonize money, the more validated they feel for not seeking their own fortunes

Nomination for: “Best Family Office Offering” – 24th Global Wealth Awards

Harris Fraser Family Office Services (HF-FOS) is proud to be nominated for ‘Best Family Office Offering’ in the 24th Global Wealth Awards 2014. The awards have been created to identify leading institutions that are setting new standards in the industry. Credit Suisse, HSBC Private Bank and Citi Private Bank are also nominees for this award alongside Harris Fraser Group. Winners will be announced at the Global Wealth Awards Gala Dinner on 17th October 2013 at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

Pathways to Excellence – Insights from leading advisory practices

In celebration of AFA’s Adviser of the Year Award, and in conjunction with foundation award partner Zurich, AFA presents “Pathways to Excellence”.  Utilising data from 18 leading practices and 960 in-depth client interviews, Pathways to Excellence seeks to find the answer to the fundamental question: What do consumers value the most in their adviser relationship, and how are the best practices meeting their clients’ needs?   In a rapidly changing consumer environment, mapping out their needs at each step of the journey they share with advisers is now a key approach taken by successful practices.

The Trusted Advisor – Honouring the Client at every turn

Harris Fraser sets out to define characteristics that set leading financial advisory practices apart from their peers. As shown by the AFA’s Pathway of Excellence Series, the trust between the client and adviser is integral in running a successful practice. This white paper seeks a deeper understanding of what clients find most important and what qualities they look for in their individual adviser.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 02 Mar 2015

In this edition, we talked about the directions of the major central banks and explored various opportunities in various equities markets given most of the banks continue to ease their monetary policies.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 01 Dec 2014

In this edition, we talked about the global opportunities and risks in 2015 (focusing on monetary policies globally, valuation in emerging markets).

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 03 Nov 2014

In this edition, we talked about the global growth, the opportunities in low commodities prices and what is Fibonacci ratio.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 06 Oct 2014

In this edition, we talk about the performance of asset classes in 2004 interest rate hike, risk management in term of currency risk, tactical exit strategy and why we prefer energy in Winter.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 04 Aug 2014

July was all about geo-politics. Even DM, commodities, and currency underperformed, we found EM are getting more attractive to invest. In this edition, we focused on emerging markets, talked about what Internet of Everything is and showed how technical analysis improved our return.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 07 July 2014

In this MMM, we summarized the Q2 performance with market updates. As market views are similar to our suggestion in pervious MMM, this time we focus on strategic plan for different markets.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 09 June 2014

In this edition, we talk about opportunities in the next half a year, how we should allocate in DM markets as some of them made record highs. Also, we talk about the why Asian and EM markets are attractive.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 05 May 2014

In this edition, we talk about opportunities regarding “Sell in May”, World Cup Effect, recent correction in Technology Sector, and AUD/NZD etc. In addition, we talk about the “Shanghai-Hong Kong Through Train Program” in China and discuss what likely outcomes or benefits could this program can bring to China and Hong Kong.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 07 Apr 2014

In the coming quarter, we recommend to have a risk off investment strategy. The economic figures from US and European have failed to beat market expectations which may suggest slowing growth momentum. Also, the political tensions and possible sanctions between Russia and Western world continue to weigh on the market. In Asia, there are upcoming elections in some countries which will add uncertainty to the market.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 10 Feb 2014

The first month of the year saw a classic ‘risk off’ month where equities retreat and bonds gained. The triggers were some soft US data, Chinese credit events and troubles in selected emerging market such as Argentina and Turkey. We believe it is a healthy correction in the developed market after an impressive 2013 as inflows continued and US earnings still beat expectation slightly.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 6 Jan 2014

The US taper finally comes, reducing the monthly asset purchase by 10 billion to 750 billion. In this edition, we also talk about the challenges for Abenomics in Japan, and a recap for the 2014 outlook.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 9 Dec 2013

In this edition, we offer a 2014 global outlook, expecting the global growth to pick up led by developed countries, while the emerging markets stabilize.

Harris Fraser Monday Morning Meeting 4 Nov 2013

In this edition, we talk about the debt problem in China and discuss areas with possible reforms, and what likely outcomes or benefits could those reforms can bring to China.